1. ending mass criminalization;
  1. fighting racism by promoting and supporting programs to end police brutality, demilitarize police, ban for profit prisons, and increase community control over police;
  1. promoting tuition free public colleges and universities;
  1. supporting the Equal Rights Amendment;
  1. supporting voter registration and voter education/empowerment, including marginalized populations, such as: Native Americans, qualifying ex-felons, and naturalized citizens;
  1. opposing trade deals which will lead to fewer American jobs and lower wages for American workers.
  1. working for reducing carbon emissions, through promotion of green energy sources, such as solar, wind, biomass and geothermal;
  1. expanding Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and nutrition programs;


  1. promoting government support for job creation by advocating for funding for infrastructure improvements and by initiating a nation-wide youth employment project;
  1. promoting government intervention to end homelessness;
  1. promoting solutions to the problem of food insecurity.
  1. promoting legislation to hold banking and other financial institutions accountable,
  1. making it easier for workers to join unions
  2. support women’s rights in all parts of their lives, including equal pay and reproductive rights
  3. Support full rights and protections for LGTBQ community in all aspects of their lives.
  4. Support the legalization of medical marajuana
  5. Support comprehensive humane immigration reform
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